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We are an award-winning studio that provides branding, design, and marketing services to breweries, distilleries, and wineries. Headed by Richard Hatter, who oversees all of the design and creative work, and Leif Miltenberger, who runs the business side of the company, our mission is simple: leverage world-class design to help our clients sell more alcohol. Every creative decision we make, every design that comes out of our shop is centred around answering that one specific business challenge.

All things being equal, we prefer to start with a clean slate: new company name, strategy, branding, packaging, and collateral. But of course, there are few times in the life of a business where a completely fresh start is possible, so we often jump into brands at various points in their existence.

Sometimes we are brought in when the company has only a name and a logo. Sometimes we enter the picture when there’s already a consistent brand. Or an erratic one. Or stale. Often, our involvement is part of a push from the company to take their brand and packaging to a new level.

We are able to step confidently into any situation along the spectrum, from the creation of a new company all the way to a Brand Elevation project, a gradual raising of the design bar in a way that opens new customers up to the company’s products without alienating or confusing their current customers.

While the scope of our projects vary from client to client based on their needs, a typical project consists of the following:

  • Identity Creation:

    • naming service (companies or products)

    • branding

    • branding usage guides

  • Design:

    • packaging design

    • custom website design

    • print collateral:

      • business cards

      • rack cards

      • signage

      • stationery & envelopes

      • brochures

      • banners

      • tasting booths

      • vehicle graphics

      • tap handles

This list is by no means the limit of our design capabilities. Do you have something in mind that’s not listed here? Get in touch!

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