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Hamster & Hammer is an award-winning design studio led by designers Alesia and Alexey, founded in 2013.

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Alesia is a graphic designer and professional photographer. Participated in photo exhibitions. She has a Bachelor of Graphic Design Degree. As a creative person she sees and thinks outside the box and always strives to offer the client something original, new, interesting, paying special attention to modern trends in design. Her main qualities are dedication and perseverance. Alesia draws inspiration from the works of Albrecht Durer and Gustav Klimt. She loves to work in the garden and cook. The main weakness is the gym.


Alexey is a graphic designer and just a perfectionist person. He has a Bachelor of Laws Degree (wow!), experience in graphic design and print design. Alexey is always full of original ideas, which easily embodies virtue of his knowledge and exquisite taste. There are no limits for his aspirations for perfection, and his talent and sharp mind always find a solution for the embodiment of ideas of any complexity. Alexey likes to fry sausages on the grill. Like every person, he has weaknesses – it’s a trip to Europe and extreme games with Frankie, his French Bulldog.

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